Use Protection!

I clearly didn't get the tanning gene!

Since I’m a freckled ginger the sun and I aren’t the best of friends.  I like his warmth when I’m on the beach, but it angers me when he beats down on me and I come out looking like a complete LOBSTER.  For years I tried to make myself look as tan as possible; tanning beds, spray tans, lying out in the sun, whatever it took.  I just wanted to look like I actually lived in a state that was sunny 350 days of the year.  Then one day I had an “aha” moment.  I believe on this particular day I was eating sushi at Sapporo in Scottsdale (a cougar hot spot might I add) when I spotted what looked like a very attractive older woman.  However, it didn’t take me long to see that she was what I consider to be a Monet.  From far away she looks all right, but up close it’s just a big mess.  It wasn’t the makeup or the age inappropriate outfit she was sporting that was the problem.  In fact, she could have actually pulled off the look if it were for one VERY IMPORTANT accessory she should have been wearing her entire life: Sunscreen!

Everyone always preaches how important wearing sunscreen is, however not many people listen.  You’ve heard the stories of how skin cancer kills yet you never believe it’s going to happen to you and hell maybe it it won't.  But I can tell you what will happen.  You will look like this when you’re 40!

Alright maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but it’s not too much of stretch.  If skin cancer doesn’t scare you off, maybe the image of your aging skin will.  Sure you may look beautiful and sexy now but just wait until you dry up like a prune and have sunspots all over your face.  We need to start embracing our skin…light or dark.  They say a tan can make someone look 10 pounds thinner but who cares about your weight if you’re dead.  On a lighter note, here are some of my favorite celebrities who embrace their skin tone and still manage to look beautiful.


So would you rather look like this?

Or be a WINNER and look like this?

You choose.  And since I technically write a “green” blog here are a few eco-friendly beach necessities for your summer vacay. 

Organic Sunscreens
Do NOT take plastic bags to the beach...take a canvas bag instead!

Bring your lunch box!  OOTS lunchboxes are BPA- and phthalate free, convenient, colorful and totally customizable with large and small internal containers

And as always remember your water bottle and your re-usable coffe mug for that morning latte.

Stay cancer and wrinkle-free my friends!



Miller "Nursery"

There are a lot of words that come to mind when you think of Arizona but GREEN is definitely not one of them.   The greenest thing in my backyard growing up was a cactus that occasionally found its way into my foot (OUCH!).   So of course what does someone who grew up without a patch of grass want?  A yard full of green grass, green trees, flowers, and of course a garden.  


OK well this isn’t my house; Lord knows I would kill just about anything if it were my responsibility to water it everyday.  No not because I’m irresponsible…only because I am never home to do it! So now I have become a surrogate caregiver to my parent’s backyard.  They just bought a new house in Scottsdale and for the first time they actually have something in the backyard besides rocks!  Break out the lawnmower…it’s time to landscape. 

OK, I didn’t mow or landscape but I did watch people do it.   I did have some very adorable little helpers with the garden though!  There’s nothing like a little manual labor to shape young children.  Although I’m pretty sure these kiddos didn’t think it was labor at all.  

Oh and just FYI these are not my children just in case you were wondering.   Here’s my dad, AKA Farmer Barry showing the kids how to get the garden ready to plant.  Who says kids from Scottsdale don’t have a good worth ethic? 

Soon our garden will hold butter beans, lettuce, peppers and a medley of other yummy things.  It’s a lot of work to get going but once everything is planted it’s easy peasy.   Having a garden is not only a step towards a greener life but it also saves you some dough $.   

And of course I’ll give credit where credit is due!  Thank you to my amazing Opa, my dad “Farmer Barry”, and my little brother Jackson!  The hard-working Miller Men (and some extra kiddos) making us greener one tree at a time!


Green Living at Sky Harbor

You can usually find me at two places.
        1.) Work
        2.) The airport
Tonight I'm at my second home...Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and being the "Green Girl" I am I searched for an eco-friendly restaurant to eat at before my flight.  It's not my fault it just happened to be a bar!   But check this out...Dewar's restaurant uses grass as their flooring.  OK it's grass tile but still they're trying.

I then celebrated their green achievements by having a glass of wine (just one I swear) and eating a big, juicy burger. Hey, I promised to be green, not a vegetarian!


Next time I post I'll be in an Anaheim, my home away from home!  


I think I'll start a blog...

In my attempt to live a "greener" life I decided to finally start a blog.  I know I'm a little behind on the blog trend but oh well.  I'm mostly doing it because a.) It will make me actually be green & b.) Because I have a lot of things going on up in this head of mine so I might as well write them down so I remember them.  

Let me start by saying (shamefully) that I'm not very green at all.  I will also (shamefully) admit I didn't even really recycle up until a few months ago.  Yeah yeah, I know it's easy, it saves trees...blah blah blah.  I just never really cared that much: I drank three plastic water bottles a day, collected countless plastic grocery bags and even (dare I say) drove an SUV.  Well even though I still drive my SUV (sorry SMART car owners but you look ridiculous) I am slowly changing my ways.  

Exhibit A: My lovely new cup from my mom.  No, I didn't go to Wisconsin like the rest of the family (Sun Devil Shout-out!) Nevertheless, I am slightly obsessed with my new gift.

Exhibit B: My fancy new re-usable grocery bag from Fresh and Easy Neighborhood market.  Mostly I bought it because it's adorable, but I'm happy to report that I do actually use it.  I just make sure to stick it back in my car after I unload my groceries so I don't forget it at home!  I mean let's be honest this bag is way cuter than a white plastic bag. 
Also, for those who don't shop at Fresh & Easy...you should!  I'm obsessed!  The store is small so you can find what you need quick, it's relatively inexpensive and it's not made for a family of 10 freaking people...even though we all love Costco.  It's perfect for when it's just yourself or a have small family!

Cheers (it's 5 o'clock somewhere)